Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Back in September my friend Aaron was going to a wedding in Seattle, but he couldn't drive because he was recovering from knee surgery.  He talked his roommates and me into going with him to be his chauffeurs, and we made a little roadtrip out of it!

We stopped at the top of the pass on our way out of town...Todd looks super creepy, and my hair is gigantic, but check out the colors of that sunrise!  It was gorgeous!

Once we got to Seattle we did some touristy things...

And we had a blast at Aaron's friend's wedding reception too.  Aaron told me just a few days ago that the bride had just sent him a text saying we had the best pictures out of everyone haha!

That Sunday we decided to check out Mars Hill Church before we headed back to Jackson.  We sang this song written by Dustin Kensrue and released on his new album The Water And The Blood.  I think it's a rare, but good, mix of rejoicing in what God has done for us, and at the same time acknowledging His power and glory.  So have a listen, and be reminded that no matter what's going on right now, we can rejoice this Wednesday!

Come and stand before your Maker
Full of wonder, full of fear
Come behold His power and glory
Yet with confidence draw near

For the one who holds the heavens
And commands the stars above
Is the God who bends to bless us
With an unrelenting love


Rejoice, come and lift your hands and
Raise your voice, He is worthy of our praise
Rejoice, sing of mercies of your King
And with trembling, rejoice

We are children of the promise
The beloved of the Lord
Won with everlasting kindness
Bought with sacrificial blood

Bringing reconciliation
To a world that longs to know
The affections of a Father
Who will never let them go


All our sickness, all our sorrows
Jesus carried up the hill
He has walked this path before us
He is walking with us still

Turning tragedy to triumph
Turning agony to praise
There is blessing in the battle
So take heart and stand amazed

Rejoice, when you cry to Him He hears
Your voice, He will wipe away your tears
Rejoice, in the midst of suffering
He will help you sing


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