Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, a couple weeks back Candace tagged me to do this top five list. It is actually very appropriate, because not only is it a list of top fives, but it is also my fifth blog post on this blog! Here you go Candace :)

Things under $5 I couldn't live without...
- Moisture therapy chapstick
- Hand lotion
- Spray and Wash stain stick
- Toothbrush
- Ponytail holders

Most recently watched...
- Quantum of Solace
- Dan in Real Life
- The Office
- Leatherheads
- Ratatouille

Songs I could listen to over and over again...
- Jesus I My Cross Have Taken
- Let Us Adore Him
- Grace Unmeasured
- Wonderful Merciful Savior
- Inside Out...and probably at least 100 more haha

People who have influenced my life in a positive way...
- My parents
- Doc (Dr. Halstead)
- Mrs. Hotton
- The Hardwicke Family
- TC and Rosie Riley

Things that are always in my purse...
- Wallet
- Chapstick and lotion (refer to question one!)
- Sunglasses
- Keys (when I'm not locking them in my car)
- Pen

Moments that changed my life...
- Accepting Christ at 6 years old
- Glen Eyrie Family Conference when I was 13
- Summit 2004
- Starting TMC in 2005
- The Tatlock's adoption process

Obsessions I currently have...
- Africa
- Peppermint Mocha
- Making lists (ok, so I think instead of current, this is actually more a life obsession)
- Cleaning
- Peanut butter

Appliances and kitchen tools I can't live without...
- Cutco cheese knife
- Bosch electric mixer
- Dishwasher
- Crock pot
- Tea maker

Places I would like to go...
- Africa
- Washington DC
- Ireland
- Colorado
- North Carolina

People I who I would like to see their top fives:
- Beckie Woodfield
- Tracy Fries
- Katie Abbott
- Rachel Wilson
- Corine Thomas