Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Munchies - Snowballs

Christmas baking has officially started!  These little cookies are known by a bunch of names and Russian Teacakes are the official (cookbook assigned) title, but I think snowballs are the most fitting for this time of year.  My mom and I made a batch of these last night, and although I always forget about them, they're one of my favorite Christmas treats.  They melt in your mouth, and I love the nutty flavor (without a chunky texture) and that the actual cookie isn't too sweet (until they're rolled in powdered sugar)! So, if you need something else to add to your holiday baking list, give these a try!

I love cooking from actual old cookbooks where you can see how they've been worn and splattered on throughout the years, so I just took a picture of the recipe today.

Recipe Source: Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook

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Nana said...

Heidi, we enjoyed these in Greece. They're called wedding cookies. I bought a box to bring home for our staff to share; Couldn't read the Greek but based on the size of the cookies we had in the bakery, thought there would be enough for 6 staff to have 2 each. Wrong! There were 9 BIG ones in the box plus about an extra cup of powdered sugar! So, each staff got 1 and I can't remember where the extras went...