Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Different Type of Camp Fire

This morning a fire broke out in the mountains near the camp I am working at this summer. We evacuated 180 kids around 9:00 this morning and then waited until we were told by the firemen that we needed to evacuate around 11:00. Right now, there are over 500 firefighters working on putting out the fire but because of the high winds, it is still 0% contained. Over 3,000 acres are burned and they are now saying on the news that it is very possible that the number could rise to 10,000 acres. The last update we got, the fire was about 1.5-2 miles from Koinonia, but at that point the camp and Dave’s house were safe. One of the board members said that because of the direction of the wind, unfortunately camp is in the direction that the fire is heading. We were supposed to have Memorial Day Family Camp this weekend, but unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. Some people at Twin Lakes Church arranged for all of the camp staff to stay at a local resort, so we are all safe and God was gracious in allowing us to have a smooth evacuation process, and that all of the campers and staff are safe. Please pray that God would protect all of the people working to fight the fires, and that as many homes as possible would be saved. Also, pray that Koinonia would not suffer much damage from the fires and that the summer programs will be able to go on as planned.  Most of all, pray that through this trial God would be glorified.

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